Unicorn Race 2019

Another spring weekend away with Skye. We had amazing weather, perfect for Unicorn riding!

Photos by Jade Tatsuko.

Kigton Hall 2018

A weekend away in the country with Skye. Photos by Jade Tatsuko.

J-Con 2018

We went down to Derby for J-Con in August 2018. This was a really fun con. On the Friday evening I wore the Magical Latex Girl outfit with my new LED skirt and got to dance to some great live music from Nyokee.

On Saturday my new girl, Coconut from Nekopara, made her first public appearance. It was great being recognised, everyone loves a catgirl.

Photos: Jade Tatsuko, Cloud Tied, Dominic

Paris 2018

In August 2018 we visited Luka in France and had a fun weekend hanging out around the pool. Luka even said she’d be the maid and comb my hair and make tea, but she was far too mischievous and spilt the tea and went to rest in the hammock.

You just can’t get the staff these days.

Photos by Jade, Luka, and automatic-camera-chan.

Anime North 2018

We went to Anime North and the #WesternWasshoi in May 2018. There was lots of off-con fun and con fun with trips and bbq and bowling and more. The time flew by and it was all over before we knew it. It was great to meet so many kigs I’ve been on cam with and talked to over the years but never met.

  • We went to the park and had a BBQ
  • We went bowling and I took my Magical Latex Girl outfit and a 3d printed bowling necklace for good luck
  • Wore my Sega vs Hard Girls IF outfit to AN
  • Went to a butterfly garden
  • Visited Niagra Falls. It was so how here, 35C and very busy
  • Did a swimsuit shoot by the pool

Photos by @wolf_macleod, @jovinamask, @JadeTatsuko, @RosieKigu, @Norris Hosokawa.

Magical Latex Girl

A trip out to the countryside with Skye to let me try out my new Magical Latex Girl transformation!

The dress was bought but I added the latex lacing, latex bows and a latex bow belt myself and made a set of latex hand gauntlets with a ruffled pink edge.

Photos by Keital and Jade

Kigu 360°

There’s nowhere to hide when you have a 360° camera!

Once you’ve opened an image look around using the mouse or arrow keys. You can hit the square in the lower right to go full-screen! Hope you find these fun.

Christmas 2017 UK Meet

A short weekend break away for Christmas where I met many kigus from around Europe, some old friends, some new friends.

Photos by Cloud Tied, Jade Tatsuko, Dominic, Skye, Jack, and me.

Kiggington Manor

A weekend away in the country with new friend Skye.

Photos by Jade Tatsuko.

Raicon 2017 I.F. Cosplay

For the Glasgow Winter 2017 RaiCon I did a cosplay of Iffy from Hyperdimension Neptunia. It was so much fun to play this character. I bought the outfit from an Aliexpress seller but it needed some modification. We added foam buttons, adjusted the length of the shorts, added fake fur to the bottom of the jacket, and a wire to give the jacket some extra shape. I made the leaf accessory from some scrap latex.

Photos by @Junecetra and Perrine.