ScotiaCon 2022 and Furry Yui

In 2019 @PeachyPig made me a furry moose Yui. A few years later I was able to show her off at Glasgow ScotiaCon 2022. It was my first fursuit convention and it was so much fun.

On the first day I wore my steampunk/gothic map dress and corset belt and took pictures of the squinty-bridge and Clyde crane. I tried being a concierge, but it’s hard when you can’t speak. The best part was meeting so many cute floofy fursuiters.

That night was the disco and wore a cute sparkly lycra outfit and holographic shoes and had a little dance.

Saturday I wore my orange-red maid outfit and had fun in the rain, inside the hotel, and in a room full of inflatable toys.

Looking forward to ScotiaCon 2023!