Anime North 2018

We went to Anime North and the #WesternWasshoi in May 2018. There was lots of off-con fun and con fun with trips and bbq and bowling and more. The time flew by and it was all over before we knew it. It was great to meet so many kigs I’ve been on cam with and talked to over the years but never met.

  • We went to the park and had a BBQ
  • We went bowling and I took my Magical Latex Girl outfit and a 3d printed bowling necklace for good luck
  • Wore my Sega vs Hard Girls IF outfit to AN
  • Went to a butterfly garden
  • Visited Niagra Falls. It was so how here, 35C and very busy
  • Did a swimsuit shoot by the pool

Photos by @wolf_macleod, @jovinamask, @JadeTatsuko, @RosieKigu, @Norris Hosokawa.