Yui’s 2019 Review

2019 was full of fun, events, and meeting lots and lots of friends:



We started the year with the 3rd anniversary of being a Kigu and a long weekend latex retreat away in the country with Skye. I got to ride in a sidecar, drink beer, and play on an inflatable unicorn! I wore a new dress we designed for this event, full of love hearts, made by the awesome folks at Black Sheep Latex.

Next was one of the usual highlights of the year, Yorkshire Cosplay Con. We had fun, we took photos, and even had Spencer Wilding (aka Darth Vader) trying on a kigu mask. He’s so tall! Afterwards we went bowling, which I think was a first for UK kigus? I have kig bowled before in 2018 in Toronto, but did worse this time, coming third, but it was still great fun.

In May we went for a week in Berlin for GFB. The first outing for Travel-Yui. I was able to get in some dancing on the dance floor on the Saturday main ball, then watched the fashion show before heading outside for some cool river air.


A group of kigus from around the UK met up for a house party. We had an organised trip to the Peak Rail station and got lots of photos with the staff and a steam train. The house was full of inflatable pool toys…. but no pool. I’m not a big fan of water anyway.

Next off to Montreal for Montreal Fetish Weekend for a week of fun events kigging with some old and new friends. I wore my new Sakura themed pink dress and we walked the fashion show catwalk. I was a little nervous and so ended up forgetting all my practiced walk. We also took a walk around Montreal, taking the Metro into the centre. We surprised the locals and tourists with a few hundred people in the most amazing latex and fetish outfits. For the main event I took the Sakura dress with LED skirt overlay to the dance party.

In the past I’ve experimented with 3D video and this year I bought a VR camera so we could make some kigu content for VR headsets. I published a few of these on YouTube (so if you have a VR headset like an Oculus or even a PSVR you can find the videos in YouTube and watch them). Most of them are stereo 180 3D VR (although a few are mono 360).


Autumn started with another long latex weekend away in the country with Skye and another hotel for us to help run. I found this vintage ambulance perfect for with my nurse outfit. I’m not sure why but everyone said they started feeling ill and in need of nurse attention.

Then in November the Glasgow Anime event, Raicon.  I took my new lolita-style dress bought from Souffle Song and met up with some old and new friends.


And, just like that, 2019 was nearly over. Just time to fit in a weekend event with a couple of dozen European kigus in Derbyshire. There were castles, weddings, fireworks, and even a mention of us in the local newspaper.

Not much streaming on cam this year, although I did a Christmas Day live present unwrapping to make up for it.

We hope 2019 was good to you too. We’ve lots of fun things planned for 2020 including some overseas events.

On behalf of both myself and Jade we wish you peace and prosperity for 2020.

Photos in this post were taken by Natalie, Jade, Xelphie, Blanche, Keital, Cloud. Also many thanks to everyone else who took photos of me or was a handler.