Summer Meet 2019

This summer a few friends met up in Derbyshire for a fun weekend of kigging and sight-seeing. Jade had organised a visit to the Peak Rail station and we got to get photos with the staff and a steam train. We’d have liked to have ridden the train too but we didn’t have enough time so instead we just took some photos, explored, and had ice cream. The station staff were so friendly and helpful to us and all wanted photos.

Back at the house, Yuna and Xelphie had brought over a selection of inflatable animals, they were so squeeky and hugable! I particularly liked the shark and I think I’ll have to buy one of my own soon.

Photos by Jade, Dominic, Helenako, Xelphie, and Yuna.

There are also YouTube videos in 3D VR of us playing on the pool toys, see my channel