Yui’s 2023 review

The year started out with my second trip to a Furry convention, ScotiaCon in my hometown of Glasgow. Furry Yui had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to going again in 2025. After some easter pics at home we headed out to Mach2 for some fun photos with my disco LED ears. For RaiCon we took Coconut and Maple from Nekopara who are always recognised and well loved.

A trip to Canada to play with a super large amazing train set, then a long drive down to San Francisco to take part in the Folsom street fair. Among all the black leather I really stood out in a cute pink latex dress.

The year ended with the UK Christmas Meet with some great photos in the snow and swimsuit photos inside.

Thanks to all my friends, helpers, photographers, for making this a memorable year.