Timer Padlock Fun

On one of the chatrooms someone posted a link to a timer padlock. A padlock for you can set the time and it locks until that time is up. Imagine all the fun you can have with a timer lock padlock and a kigurumi skinsuit and mask. For only USD15 it was worth a try and three weeks later the package arrived.

It arrived broken and the display was stuck. Noticing the display bezel was only loosely stuck on with glue I prised it off and underneath was a small hole and two screws. Putting a pin into the hole shorted a connector and reset the device and it started working properly.

If you do happen to lock yourself into something for 99 hours by mistake, and you don’t want to cut the wire or destroy the case (both of which would free you), then you can peel off the display cover and short the reset pins. Resetting the device doesn’t open the lock, but you can just set a “1minute” counter, start that, and at the end the device unlocks anyway.

What about those screws? after unscrewing them and unclipping the case you end up seeing how it works. There’s a motor and a cam in a quite elegant solution. In one position the cam lets you push the side button which releases the padlock wire. In the other position the cam stops you pushing the button (locked).