Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2017

We went down to Sheffield for the Yorshire Cosplay Con in June 2017. One day I did my “Absolute Duo” Imara cosplay, the other a tribute to D.VA. It was great fun at the con, hope to go again soon.

Photos: Jade Tatsuko, Cloud Tied, Dominic.

Making a latex swimsuit

Our good friend TLC Latex came to visit to teach me how to make latex clothing. I needed a swimsuit, so we decided to make a custom one in the common style with double-opening front zip.

After learning the basics we started by making a “block pattern” of my sizes. We then made this pattern into a swimsuit design, transferred it onto a .6mm latex sheet, cut it, and assembled it. The zip was actually salvaged from an old catsuit that had perished some years ago and we added in the extra zip pull. It took most of the afternoon for us to make it.

Later Jade Tatsuko helped me add an applique of “Yui” to the breast. The fit is really good, but I would slightly update the pattern to have a higher neck, and maybe alter the cut of the legs. We didn’t get around to adding a hem to those, but they might look nice with some ruffles!

Raicon 2016 Absolute Duo

For the October 2016 Raicon in Glasgow I did a cosplay of Imari from Absolute Duo. This was my first time out in public and it was scary but very fun.